In tenth grade geometry, I was forced to make 3-D shapes out of cardboard, and decorate them like Christmas ornaments.  A few weeks passed before I followed up with my teacher to see what grade I got on the assignment.  She looked it up, and said, “You got a C.”
People, I did not make Cs.  I was a nerd, and I knew that wasn’t a cool thing to be at 15, but the consolation of being a nerd, is that you did not make Cs.  If you did, then what the hell were you?  I fought to keep from crying at the shock of it all, before she delivered the real kick in the teeth.  “You’re not very good with your hands, are you?” she giggled as if this was some joke we shared.
I can laugh about it now, but I can still get mad about it, too.  I didn’t get a C because my math was wrong.  My math was good. I was an excellent math student, able to bisect an angle with the best of them.  The problem was that I showed a lack of artistic vision while decorating a dodecahedron made out of a Rice Krispies box to look like a reindeer. Could I have done better? Probably. But I didn’t think that part was important, and, frankly, I probably didn’t find that part interesting. I’ve tried crafting, but I don’t have the right kind of patience for it. I can do crosswords or puzzles, but I’ve given up on cross stitching, making my own clothing, and oil painting. I’m on the bubble about knitting. I’d like to try it again, but if I make a few scarves that will probably be enough for me. So, imagine my reaction when I was told that we would be decorating ornaments for the library’s Christmas tree this year.