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Arkansas state trooper resigns, faces DWI charge

Arkansas state trooper Mitch Smothers has resigned after being arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated and endangering the welfare of a minor following a single-vehicle accident Thursday night.

Don't wake up July 6 and realize you forgot to sign

Imagine how you’ll feel if we get 91,703 signatures for the Arkansas Abortion Amendment, just one name shy of what's required to make the ballot. Don't let the missing signature be yours.

Friday open line

Enjoy your weekend.

U.S. Supreme Court ruling against homelessness puts advocates on edge

Could Friday's decision prompt local governments to crack down on people living in tents? Aaron Reddin, founder of The Van and a tireless advocate for Central Arkansas's unsheltered, worries it might. 

Will Supreme Court's Jan. 6 ruling affect 'Bigo' Barnett's prison sentence?

Despite a celebratory tweet from Barnett, it's not known yet if the ruling will lead to his early release from prison.

Still need to sign petitions? Here’s where to go, June 28-30

The deadline for turning in signatures is July 5, so time is short to get your John or Joan Hancock on the various petitions.

Uproar in Eureka: City official resigns following erasure of drag queen from tourism ad

When a split-second cameo of drag queen Blaze Duvall went missing from a Eureka Springs ad campaign, the community got loud — and city official Chris Clifton resigned.

Laugh so you don't cry: The best tweets from tonight's debate

At least the internet was funny about it. Here are the best tweets we found to distract from an impending sense of doom.

POSTMORTEM: Joe Biden and Donald Trump face off in presidential debate

Two old men, one curdled and one rancid, argued Thursday night. Here's the post-mortem + liveblog on the first presidential debate between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

TikTok cash helps fund Sanders-affiliated group seeking to block education amendment 

Gov. Sarah Sanders banned TikTok on her first day in office, but a Sanders-affiliated group is being funded by one of its biggest investors.

Thursday open line


Arkansas racing commission issues Pope County casino permit to Cherokee Nation Entertainment

Although commissioners unanimously approved issuing the Pope County permit to Cherokee Nation Entertainment, construction could again be halted if a ballot initiative to repeal casino gaming in the county is successful. 

Get Alan Leveritt's tomatoes at Edwards Food Giant for your Fourth of July festivities

On Friday morning renowned Bayou Meto farmer (and Arkansas Times publisher) Alan Leveritt will be hauling his organically farm-grown tomatoes to Edwards Food Giant for all your Fourth of July sandwich needs.

Supreme Court abortion punt not much of a victory for women's health care

The U.S. Supreme Court decided Thursday not to take up an important case on a woman's right to abortion care in a medical emergency. Arkansans can support a ballot issue to give women that right.

Joyce Elliott, former state senator and liberal stalwart, has suffered a stroke

Elliott has been transferred to Little Rock, where she's undergone surgery and continues to recover, according to a press release.

Join us for a liveblog of the Biden-Trump debate tonight

Political junkies and gluttons for punishment, join us here for a liveblog of the presidential debate between incumbent President Joe Biden and felonious hype man Donald Trump. Debate starts at 8 p.m.

Who’s afraid of all kids having access to a quality education?

The Arkansas Educational Rights Amendment is simple. Access to four of the most powerful boosts to learning. Protecting the same minimum-quality standards we have now. And requiring every school that gets public money to follow public school standards. It’s short and simple.

Miami Heat select Arkansan Kel'el Ware at No. 15

Central Arkansas native Kel’el Ware was selected by the Miami Heat with the No. 15 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft Wednesday night.

With ACA enhanced subsidies set to expire, tens of thousands of Arkansans face hefty premium hikes

There's a major "cliff" ahead in health care policy that isn't getting much attention, but it could drop a major financial hit on middle-class people who buy insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

Republican-voting retiree charged with felony after threatening to blow up the governor

Susan L. Scott, 66, of Fort Smith was also charged with felony battery after she kicked and head-butted the arresting officer.