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UA announces three finalists to be dean of Clinton School of Public Service

Interviews are schedule in July and August.

Fentanyl death added to charges against federal suspect

A fentanyl overdose death has been added to charges filed in a federal investigation.

Today's news roundup includes COVID news and Trump ignorance

Free speech, in practice and in peril, figures in a lot of news today.

Coronavirus today: Arkansas in the national spotlight as new cases soar

Arkansas appears at the epicenter of bad virus news.
Picture of Fred T. Jones Sr. and family sightseeing in Arkansas circa 1915

Arkansas’s history of celebrating emancipation

Black Arkansans have been celebrating it for more than 100 years — and not just in June.

City Director Kenneth Richardson sues city, police chief, officer over arrest

Arrest of city director for refusing to leave scene of police encounter prompts lawsuit.

Fox 16 stonewalled by State Police on training for controversial PIT maneuver

State Police are using a controversial technique to stop fleeing motorists more, but won't talk about sufficiency of training.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette publisher Walter Hussman: No regrets for his role in driving Nikole Hannah-Jones away from journalism school named for him

Cue Edith Piaf. Walter Hussman has no regrets for the embarassment he caused his alma mater. Meanwhile, a local reporter who broke the story gets at its essence.

Josh Price announces officially today for secretary of state

A Democrat with election experience seeks to be the state's top election official.

Little Rock to seek financing for park improvements, new fire truck; entertainment districts also approved

The Little Rock Board of Directors has voted to allow the city to take out a short-term loan to pay for park improvements, a new fire truck, mobile radios for the police department and more. The city will seek $5.9 million in financing. 

Today's news: COVID-19, funeral calls for justice and some BBQ for the men in the trenches

Bad COVID news; a funeral worth noting, and BBQ for the horses. All in the news roundup.

Coronavirus today: Biggest jump in hospitalizations since January

More people getting seriously ill and the governor announces a push to get more people vaccinated.

Hunter Brittain funeral includes loud (and biracial) calls for justice and police reform

A large crowd was on hand for the funeral of teen killed in Lonoke County traffic stop. "Justice for Hunter," speaks said repeatedly.

Lonoke death joins national discussion on police tactics

A memorial service at Beebe High School today for Hunter Brittain, 17, the McRae youth shot to death during a traffic stop by a Lonoke County deputy, will join the ongoing national discussion of police practices.

UPDATE: Nikole Hannah-Jones declines job at University of North Carolina. Statement faults Democrat-Gazette publisher for his role.

UNC can take its half-hearted job offer and, well, you know. In declining, the 1619 Project creator also has some choice words for an Arkansas newspaper publisher.

Drew Pritt announces -- again -- for lieutenant governor

Drew Pritt announces another political bid.

A holiday update on COVID-19 and the open line

Despite a holiday weekend, the upward movement in COVID numbers is unabated.

Another COVID-19 warning for Arkansas

UAMS dean warns of tough days ahead for Arkansas hospitals.

An open line for the 4th and some items on COVID-19 and unemployment benefits

Happy 4th. Try not to think about a raging virus and politicians infringing your freedoms.

Asa triangulates on Guard deployment on CNN; thinks state vaccination effort sufficient to prevent 'third surge'

In which the governor walks a fine line between right-wing Republicanism and Trumplicanism.