Humane Society of U.S. announces a bust of dog-fighting operation in Saline County:

An 8-month investigation into a major dogfighting ring by the Saline County Sherriff’s Office and The Humane Society of the United States resulted in the raid of two properties. Officers seized 36 dogs. HSUS animal fighting experts assisted in identifying dogfighting equipment and paraphernalia including treadmills, medicines and break sticks taken from the Hensley and Mabelvale sites.
The seized dogs were transferred to multiple agencies throughout central Arkansas. The HSUS has committed a total of $5,000 to the various agencies to assist with caring for the seized dogs.
“We thank Detective Kevin Cooper for his tireless effort,” said Jay Sabatucci of The HSUS. “Several of the dogs had injuries consistent with dogfighting, they were badly scarred or even exhibiting fresh wounds.”
As a part of a nationwide campaign to end dogfighting, The HSUS is offering $5,000 to those who provide information leading to the arrest and prosecution of any person involved in illegal animal fighting.