Just arriving at the Clinton Watch party in the same Hotel Fort Des Moines ballroom where Ron Paul gave his revolutionary talk 24 hours ago.  It’s amazing that the controlled chaos I just witnessed in western Des Moines (more on that in a few) can lead to results almost instantaneously.   By the time I got here, three-quarters of the precincts had reported.   And, as Max had already reported, the Obama victory has been declared.  So, not a happy mood here, but a sense that they knew this was coming.
The turnout was up enormously in the two precinct caucuses I watched.  Up three times from 2004 in the smaller one.   And, not surprisingly, many of those young voters—almost all going for Obama.  
I’ll provide reports soon on this event. It looks like she will be speaking soon.  They’re trying to find folks to stand on stage behind her.