From the Embassy Suites party that Max just referenced — Huckabong Express and I rolled in here about twenty minutes ago, after a confusing tour of Des Moines’s outskirts. A pretty big crowd already — Huck hasn’t shown yet, but his bus is outside and campaign chair Ed Rollins just got on stage. People are running around whose faces I’ve seen all week — the Huckabee hardcore and press corps. They ran out of mini corndogs before I got here. The bar has hard liquor.

At the caucus I attended, Huckabee stomped the competition — of about 140 ballots, he polled 67. Romney, the nearest challenger, had only 26. At the beginning of the caucus supporters of each candidate are allowed to speak. Only Paul and Huck had speakers. Paul’s was a paint contractor with stilted speech rhythms; Huckabee’s was a smooth Comcast lobbyist who worked as the national grassroots director for the FairTax organization as recently as a month and a half ago. This FairTax stuff may be starting to sound obsessive out of my mouth, but clearly there was something odd about this. When I talked to him afterwards he made it clear that he no longer works for the FairTax people — which would make it illegal to campaign for Huck — but he certainly went out of his way during his speech to the Caucusers to say that the FairTax was why he was there.


Huck still hasn’t arrived. More when the man comes around.