While Mike Huckabee had an event midday in Grinnell that John Williams covered, it has been a relatively quiet day on the campaign front as candidates try to regroup and regain their voices.  There are a few events, but the Chris Dodd event at his campaign headquarters scheduled for today that I planned to attend was cancelled.   It did give a chance to visit with his press secretary about the calls from other campaigns to get Dodd to encourage his caucus goers to go to them as a second choice.   Dodd is the one lower-tier candidate who has publicly rejected the notion of his voters being encouraged to support one of the Big Three on the second round.   “If anyone is independent enough to support Chris Dodd, they’re not going to be easy to tell what to do,” as his press person put it.  Rumors are flying that other candidates are directing their voters to go to Obama as a second choice.  But, only Kucinich has publicly made a statement on the subject.