I was able to attend two Democratic precinct caucuses adjoining one another in a lunchroom at Hoover High School.  The first was for Webster 1; this precinct covers a community just on the western edge of Des Moines.  By Iowa standards, this is a pretty ethnically mixed crowd, probably about 10 percent nonwhite.  The total count is 60 at the start of the evening, up from about 20 in 2004.   It’s clear that the Des Moines Register poll that’s gotten trashed so much by DC insiders because it included so many new voters wasn’t that far off.  Indeed, the entrance polls showed that 57% of Democratic caucusgoers tonight had never attended a caucus before.  Truly amazing.

The magic number for being viable here is 15.   But, because there are only two delegates from this small precinct, it’s clear that one of the Big Three is going to lose out here.


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