This from CNN:

In Iowa, entrance polls of caucus-goers showed that 3 out of every 5 Republicans were self-described born again or evangelical Christians. Huckabee beat Romney by better than 2-to-1 in this voting bloc. Among the rest of Iowa’s Republican electorate, however, Huckabee finished a distant fourth behind Romney, McCain and Fred Thompson.

If that’s so, that means most Huckabee voters were evangelical Christians. About 117,000 Iowa Republicans voted, according to the last numbers I saw. 60 percent of that number, or 70,200 were evangelicals. Even if Huckabee took only a third of that vote — his overall percentage  — they would have accounted for 23,000 of his 39,000 votes. But he doubled his edge over Romney in this sector, which likely pushes the portion of is vote produced by this base over 30,000 of his total. By way of comparison, that’s the equivalent of about 15 percent of the voters who turned out for all Democratic candidates.


UPDATE: Other analyses put at 80 percent the share of evangelicals among Huckabee voters, or almost 32,000.

AND SPEAKING OF NUMBERS: The turnout was enormous. And in a state where Democrats and Republicans are about equally represented — and where the caucus voting process is much easier for Republicans — the Democratic turnout was double that of the Republicans. This is very good news for Democrats in the fall.


AND SPEAKING OF FUN: Ed Rollins may prove to be a problem for Huck.