Huckabee has just given his victory speech to his supporters. You might have seen it on TV, so probably not too much that I need to report here. The big points: lots of love for the people of Iowa. Hopes this forever changes the way we elect candidates. Money can’t buy victory. It’s not about ‘me’ — it’s about ‘we.’

Meanwhile, I have had my own personal brush with greatness. The future president of the United States shook my hand as he ran past me by the coat rack where I sit filing this post. I asked what the plan was for New Hampshire was, but he misunderstood — ‘Oh, are you?’ — and ran off. (Although I”ll have you know I kept his precious grip as long as I possibly could.) Still, he managed to throw in a joke about my funny Russian hat — which, let’s admit, was the only thing I really wanted to happen on this trip. Seems like a nice guy.