Daniel Nasaw, formerly of the D-G and now covering the presidential race for the Guardian, blogs about the Arkies campaigning for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, including former Sen. Jay Bradford, NLR Mayor Pat Hays and state Rep. Greg Reep. This post is mostly about an interview with Reep, who suggests the media has made too much of Iowa. There’s some truth in that, but this year it is undeniably going to have a bandwagon effect on the Democratic race for sure.

I feel the Obama excitement myself, even though my pragmatic side argues for the candidate who’s already seen it all — meaning the mountain of slime sure to be thrown by desperate Republicans in the fall. I’ve seen the Obama excitement, too, at the Mike Beebe rally last year, shown in photo above.


UPDATE: And I swear to goodness I wrote the above before I saw a note from John Brummett about the Rasmussen poll post-Iowa that now shows Obama with a 10-point lead in New Hampshire, thanks to a huge edge among independents. No bump for Huckabee in New Hampshire, by the way. McCain leads there according to both Rasmussen and CNN polls; Huck is way back in fourth.

UPDATE II: As Cassandra has already noted, Huck was skunked in today’s Wyoming Republican caucus. Zip delegates for him. Romney picked up 8 of the 12 delegates.


UPDATE III: But wait, Clinton campaign has a news release saying two New Hampshire polls still show the race in that state even. “Where’s the bounce?” is the release headline. Read it on the jump.