TAX POLICY: About six months late, the NY Times gets around to an analysis of the “fair tax,” the 30 percent (at a minimum) sales tax. It accounted for a significant bit of Mike Huckabee’s support in winning Iowa and voters might have done well to have heard then the article’s assessment that the altered tax burden would produce an even greater shift of tax responsibility from the wealthy to everyone else and that the middle-class would particularly suffer. He also got some questioning about it Sunday, but it’s an issue that defies easy explanation (except on his simplistic side) and I fear Carrick may be right that, disastrous as it is, it’s easily sold snake oil.

Unfortunately, the article is on a blog about economics topics and might not make the main paper. UPDATE: It is in the paper.


THE SPEECHIFIERS: The LA Times analyzes the Iowa election night oratory of the acknowledged oratorical leaders of the campaign — Obama and Huckabee. Huckabee is best suited to TV, the article concludes. No small edge.

DEBATE NEWS: The overnight spin is the ganging up — Obama and Edwards on Clinton; McCain and Huckabee (is that a ticket in the making?) on Romney. But the big news was Hillary’s effort to fight back. I thought she scored points on the “words are not action” sally, particularly when she supported it with change efforts she’d supported and noted Obama’s equivocal voting record on some important issues. But it may be too late to overcome the likeability debate. Obama last night was particularly short of specifics.


GOD KNOWS WHAT’S BEST: For Mike Huckabee, according to his book. And He’s apparently picked the presidency for Huck over a bait shop on Lake Greeson.