LESSONS LEARNED: Brummett advances reasons for Mike Huckabee’s success, chiefly that personality is more important than the political press.

LIKING MIKE: William Kristol begins his role as a NY Times op-ed columnist with a warm tribute to Huckabee’s skills.


THE ‘BUMPER STICKER’ GOVERNOR: A roundup of Huck antics..

PLOTTERS? Huck disavows (link corrected) campaign manager Ed Rollins’ statement that the Huckabee and McCain campaigns are working together to take Romney out.


THE HUCK PARADOX: A conservative news service does a pretty good analysis of Huck’s contradictory message in New Hampshire of populism and small government.

NATIONAL SALES TAX: An explainer from Money magazine. It neglects to point out that the IRS would not — could not — be abolished because somebody would have to figure out application of the flat tax at various stages of the process and be sure it was being reported and collected. The article does note that lobbyists would go to work madly carving out exceptions.


GOD’S CANDIDATE: A mock ad has been worked up emphasizing the theocratic side of Mike Huckabee.