A couple were found at Hall High today. Report to the School Board from the information officer:

Two firearms were discovered on the campus of Hall HS today and at least two students will be recommended for expulsion as a result.  This morning, security officers, acting on a tip, searched a classroom and found a .22-calibre handgun hidden in a potato chip bag.  The gun was turned over to the Hall SRO.  As a precaution, security officers and school administrators began searching students, lockers and cars.  While looking through the windows of one student’s car, security officers noticed a knife on the floor board.  A more extensive search of the car turned up a 9mm handgun in the trunk.  Two students linked to the car and its contents were detained by police; however authorities are still trying to determine who brought the .22 onto campus.  Initial reports said the .22 was loaded.  We have no word on whether the 9mm was loaded.  We had no media inquiries about this situation.