NEW HAMPSHIRE Q&A: Brummett offers one. It includes references to Hillary as Joan Baez when audiences want Beyonce; Obama (here predicted as the next president) as Gary Hart.

TEENYBOPPERS: Daniel Nasaw of the Guardian notes that a horde of teen males, lured by Chuck Norris, swelled the crowd at Mike Huckabee’s rally in New Hampshire. For example:


“I’m a Huckabee supporter because who else can get Chuck Norris?” asked Gabe Smith, 18, from Wakefield, New Hampshire who described himself as a professional skateboarder. When pressed, he added, “I like it that he doesn’t support the gays. That ain’t right, that ain’t in the Bible. He’s not supporting the civil union thing.”

THE RADICAL CLERIC: A writer in The Nation explains the making of the ad highlighting that, when it comes to religion, Mike Huckabee is more threatening than some on the left seem to realize. I linked the video yesterday. The link is repeated in the copy.


THE FIRST LADY: LA Times chats with the next lady of the White House.