A blogger’s primal scream about the disparate treatment of Hillary Clinton is getting circulated within the Clinton camp for good reason.

Make no mistake, Obama’s breakthrough says something wonderful about the state of racial politics in our nation – or perhaps the lack of racial politics – and the involvement of young people in politics. But his silence in the case of the cynical media lynching of Hillary Clinton by a national press corps obsessed with her gender is telling. And unless Barack Obama speaks out, his campaign’s chilling acceptance of the gender bias stirred by our national media will also remind many of Ronald Reagan’s acceptance of the race-baiting southern strategy – because if Obama accepts the presidency, at least in part, because of abject sexism, a brutal gender attack on a female rival – the most famous female Democrat in history – he will set feminism in our country back a generation.


There is no hope for John Edwards, of course. His cruel, stony reaction to the news that Senator Clinton got a little emotional during a New Hampshire diner visit was a window on the man’s soul, a window into an empty room.

If media treatment of Clinton interests you (and it would appear to interest some), I’d recommend the Daily Howler, who’s been chronicling the media coverage of Clintons and Gore for years. Today’s post is instructive. It’s long. And the political part begins after a discussion of No Child Left Behind (also useful). The Howler expects an Obama victory and the end of the Clinton-Gore media narrative written by opponents and regurgitated by compliant media for 16 years. His caution — and it’s a caution for all those who believe partnership with Republicans is possible: The Democrats’ enemies are busy dreaming up a new narrative to peddle to the media on Obama now that the bitch is on political life support. Believe it. Best be ready.


In fact, it’s underway. On Fox News last night, Obama was called “anti-American” by a Republican strategist. On the conservative NewsMax, a writer said, erroneously, that his thinking was shaped by a childhood in a Muslim school.

Jonathan Alter of Newsweek has a good piece on how “Tomorrow Became Yesterday” on the implosion of the Clinton campaign. E.J. Dionne lauds Hillary’s command of prose, her failure at poetry and her parallels with Hubert Humphrey. Howard Kurtz writes that even winger pundits are singing Obama’s praises — not, they insist, because of less electability. Somebody strike up “Just a Closer Walk With Thee.” This nomination is done.


PLUS: Gloria Steinem says gender is the most restricting thing in politics today. And a neutral media watchdog raises questions about coverage of the Clinton “moment” yesterday. Bill Clinton, press critic, will get no sympathy, but he’s largely correct. The media generally hate Hillary — even a Washington Post reporter said as much on TV the other day — and it shows.

AND ONE MORE THING: Those “Iron My Shirt” goobers at the Hillary Clinton speech were NOT hillary plants as the haters instantly assumed.