SISTERHOOD: John Brummett says that women, including at least one Republican, agreed with his take, during a talk in Fayetteville, that female empathy for sentiment expressed by Hillary Clinton (in video) powered her victory in New Hampshire.

Apparently there is more to a woman’s getting conventionally attired for the day than to a man’s. Apparently women sensed that this question and the response it elicited represented a metaphor for their inherent societal, cultural, economic and political disadvantages.


Men don’t and simply can’t get it, I said. Women tell me men won’t ever get it unless and until they’ve been ignored or talked down to by car salesmen or garage mechanics.

“Or at the lumber yard,” state Sen. Sue Madison of Fayetteville told me afterward.


“And it’s not just getting dressed,” Bootsie Ackerman of Fayetteville, a Republican who lost a close race to Madison, told me separately. “It’s who’s going to take the kids to school and go to the market and get dinner ready.”

I believe that women poured out of the their New Hampshire homes to support a beleaguered sister, and that their doing so in such great numbers was in part a reflection of the unseasonably warm and pretty weather Tuesday.


Huckabee? Brummett says he’ll soon shed any remaining allusions to populism (however faux) and friendliness toward immigrants to make himself more acceptable to the average Republican voter.

BROTHERHOOD: John Kerry endorses Obama. What do you bet the Republicans willl gush about the significance of an endorsement from a heroic war veteran and statesman?

YOKS: Huck reiterated on The Colbert Report last night that he’d welcome the political satirist as his running mate.

FLEEHUCKABEE.COM: A new website created in LR contemplates what to do should the unthinkable occur.