SEXISM AT WORK: A fine column examining media treatment of Hillary Clinton.

To recount the sexist double (and triple and quadruple) standards and misogynist insults to which Clinton has been subjected would take double (or triple or quadruple) the usual column space. Consider this an abbreviated account: Television commentator Chris Matthews suggested last month that prominent male politicians who endorsed Clinton are “castratos in the eunuch chorus.” His MSNBC colleague Tucker Carlson declared that there’s something about Clinton that “feels castrating, overbearing and scary.” Why, Carlson said, “when she comes on television, I involuntarily cross my legs.”


Think, for a moment, of what might happen if a well-known media personality were to say of Obama: “Every time he comes on television, I involuntarily reach for my white hood.” Would even Don Imus survive?

OPEN FIRE: Fred Thompson recited a litany of criticism — on taxes, immigration, etc. — against Mike Huckabee during the South Carolina Republican debate on Fox last night. LA Times blogger notes that Thompson came prepared for the moment. He appeared to be reading them from notes. NY Times makes the fact that Thompson appears to have a pulse its lead.


UNFAIR TAX: St. Louis Post Dispatch: Huckabee’s vision for the tax system is “scary.” Yep. Imagine adding 30 percent to the cost of your next car or house. Imagine no mortgage interest deduction.

CHURCH GOING: In Michigan, Huckabee is again putting much of his hopes on a significant evangelical voter sector.


PANTS ON FIRE: The detestable Maureen Dowd was in Jerusalem when she wrote a hit column on Hillary following the New Hampshire primary that had a New Hampshire dateline and quoted people as if Dowd was in New Hampshire.