ENDORSEMENTS: A spate of major Dems, including several more senators, endorse Obama. Josh Marshall thinks it’s meaningful.

YES AND NO: Frank Rich says today that Obama was a jerk and Hillary human in New Hampshire. It was a rare dose of Rich generosity toward the Clinton campaign. Then he turns to criticism and he poses a fair and probably decisive question. Are poll-tested Clinton micropolitics — a laundry list of very specific policy ideas — what the electorate wants when so many Democrats and Republicans keep chanting change, even if they don’t necessarily articulate what that means? For me, the central change necessary is a Democrat — any of the remaining contenders — in the White House. I happen to respond positively to specifics, particularly truly universal health care. But I suspect I’m in the minority on the second preference.


REVIVAL MEETING: Everybody’s writing about Mike Huckabee’s effort to woo evangelicals, even as he complains about the focus on his efforts to woo evangelicals:

Huckabee’s aides have been eager to dismiss the notion that he is only a Christian candidate, and Huckabee complained Saturday in Grand Rapids that debate questions about his faith are of “an unconstitutional nature,” since the Constitution forbids a religious test for potential officeholders.

Has Mike Huckabee heard of the First Amendment? And, if he’s against religious tests, has he ever objected to the religious test that exists (and which is also contradicted) in the Arkansas Constitution? Also, I should add that this is a typical Huckabee trick bag. Asking a candidate about his faith and the political dimensions of that faith are not a religious test in any way, shape or form. The Constitution proscribes the government from instituting such a thing. It does not bar voters or reporters from inquiring about the subject.


MEETING THE PRESS: I thought Hillary stood up well to Tim Russert this morning. But that may be just me. The campaign seems to like it though. Before the show was over, they’d already posted a YouTube clip on her explanation of why Obama’s record on the war is fair for examination and why Bill Clinton said it was a “fairy tale” that he’s been a consistent opponent of the war from the start.