Talking Points Memo — which has led the country in reporting on U.S. attorneygate (Bud Cummins, Tim Griffin, White House finagling, etc.) — has been stricken from the Justice Department’s e-mail list. Justice just can’t put everybody on their e-mail list, even though TPM HAD been on the list and it took an affirmative action to get them off. This is strikingly similar to when then-Gov. Mike Huckabee tossed the Arkansas Times off his e-mail list. TPM at least got a polite invite — in addition to a Huckabee-style referral to the department website — to call the department with any inquiries. We received no such encouragement from the Huckabee administration and got no response when we did. Should Huckabee win the White House, he has his kind of peeps in place at Justice.