There’d be no pain under Mike Huckabee’s economic stimulus plan. It would rain riches on us all.

Mike Huckabee’s economic stimulus plan, in fact, is mostly talk. But the specifics includes some show-stoppers.


Like: Increase defense spending from 4 per cent to 6 percent of GDP. For poor math students, that means a 50 percent, or more, increase in defense spending. How many jillions is that? Not to worry, his tax cuts will cover it. (Wikipedia says defense spending in 2007 was half-a-trillion. Huck, thus would boost it at current income levels to $750 billion.)

He’d make all college tuition fully deductible. That would be an enormous boon to rich people. There’s already some deductibility, based on income.


He’d build a fence along the Mexican border with U.S. labor and materials. THAT will be expensive. Surely he could hire campaign manager Chip Saltsman’s former employer to outsource it somewhere.

Of course he mentions the “death tax.” There is no such a thing, but don’t tell that to a Republican.


He’d not only continue, but expand Bush’s tax cuts. What he’ll do about the ensuing increased deficit he doesn’t say.