I can’t keep up with all the legislative races — Steve Harrelson’s Under the Dome is the go-to spot for comprehensive looks at that — but I thought I’d mention that I’d heard from Ann Clemmer, a UALR faculty member and occasional sparring partner on Arkansas Week, about her race for the House this year.

She’ll be running for the House seat in the Bryant area being vacated by term limited Rep. Janet Johnson. Clemmer is a Republican, which is far from a fatal disease in Saline County. She grew up on a farm in Mississippi County and comments in her news release, “I can go toe to toe with the big boys. I’ve been doing it all my life.” A couple of other Republicans and Democrats have been mentioned for the race.


I don’t think Clemmer would be insulted if I described her as a Rockefeller Republican. That’s praise in my book, if not to some rabid Rs. Consequently, though we’ve had our disagreements, she’s been agreeable to disagree with.