Sorry, but the Huckabits keep rolling in. Here, it would appear there’s some doctrinal dispute among Baptists over the answer Mike Huckabee gave in trying to appease women who might find patronizing his support of the Southern Baptist Convention statement that wives should submit themselves “graciously” to the “servant leadership” of their husbands. Asked about this in a Fox News debate:

“The point,” Huckabee responded, “is that as wives submit themselves to the husbands, the husbands also submit themselves, and it’s not a matter of one being somehow superior over the other.”

Not exactly, according to a man who may be the Southern Baptist’s leading authority on the statement. Richard Land, president of the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, helped draft the statement. According to Land, the statement says that while the husband and wife are equal before God, “the wife does not get veto power over the husband’s decision.”

“Somebody has to be in charge,” Land explained. “The Bible says the husband is in charge.” While the husband should “solicit his wife’s views,” ultimately “he is going to make the decision.”

Others second Land. Huckabee says what’s important is his interpretation. He, after all, has the direct line to God.