Mike Huckabee, propelled by victories in Baptist Land on Super Tuesday, made it back into the cable TV talk lineup Wednesday. But oops. Hardball’s Chris Matthews had been reading the wires. He noticed that Super Tuesday coincided with a court date for zilliionaire and Republican Party contributor Eugene Fields. The serial drunk driver was released early from prison thanks to a Huckabee clemency, not long after he’d given a bunch of money to the Republican Party (which has been known to pay dividends to the Huckabee family in the form of clothing, jewelry, etc.)

Quote from Huckabee: “He was released because of prison overcrowding.”



He was released on account of Huckabee’s extraordinary award of clemency — not because of prison overcrowding. Reporters: Start your notebooks. This lie is easy to track.


Oh and yes. The Huckster thinks they should take this awful drunk driver’s keys away forever. He dodged neatly, and Matthews didn’t follow up, on his responsibility for letting the soak loose.