A 27-year-old woman campaigns for her mother. Weird? Not to me. But it apparently is to MSNBC’s David Shuster — who passed through Little Rock on his way up the TV ladder. Hosting a show the other night, he said Chelsea Clinton was being “pimped out” by making calls on her mother’s behalf.

It is not the first time Shuster has reflected the misogynistic Clintonview of colleague Chris Matthews. Shuster defended Matthews over the remarks — for which he eventually apologized — that Clinton was elected to the Senate only on account of her husband’s Lewinsky affair. (He told me in an e-mail two weeks ago that he viewed Clinton’s complaints as sympathy ploy to get people to think the media attacked her on account of her gender.) You may be sure that neither Shuster nor Matthews would refer to lobbying by the Kennedy family for another presidential candidate as being “pimped out.”


UPDATE: Shuster apologized, sort of, though he still thinks it’s unseemly that Chelsea called convention delegates on behalf of her mother. The Clinton campaign has gone on the attack over Shuster’s “pimp” remark and other mistreatment on the network. 

…top Hillary adviser Howard Wolfson suggested that there’s a “pattern” of reprehensible comments by MSNBC personalities, and said outright that the Hillary campaign could no longer “envision a scenario where we would debate on that network given the comments that were made and have been made.”


Howard Kurtz reports Shuster will offer a further apology tonight.

NY Times reports that MSNBC has suspended Shuster and issued an unequivocal statement that the remark was “irresponsible and inappropriate.”


ALSO ON THE CLINTON FRONT: David Brooks examines the educational divide between Obama and Clinton voters. There’s some irony in a Wellesley/Yale product’s clear preference among less educated voters. Some of the commentary from a mythical expert, “Dr. Retail”:

Did you hear the message of Clinton’s speech Tuesday night? It’s a rotten world out there. Regular folks are getting the shaft. They need someone who’ll fight tougher, work harder and put loyalty over independence.

Then did you see the Hopemeister’s speech? His schtick makes sense if you’ve got a basic level of security in your life, if you’re looking up, not down. Meanwhile, Obama’s people are so taken with their messiah that soon they’ll be selling flowers at airports and arranging mass weddings. There’s a “Yes We Can” video floating around YouTube in which a bunch of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and the guy from the Black Eyed Peas are singing the words to an Obama speech in escalating states of righteousness and ecstasy. If that video doesn’t creep out normal working-class voters, then nothing will.

ALSO: Joel Stein, in the LA Times, writes that he’s a huge Obama fan, but he admits the hero worship is a little creepy. Funny piece.