From Robert Johnston of Feed the Hungry:

About 3 weeks ago [1-24-08] the Mayors’Commission on the Homeless voted to petition the City of Little Rock to open Dunbar Center [16th and Chester] as a Warming Center for the Homeless. It has been open ONE day since.   It was NOT open on days when it was 28, 30, and 31 degrees at 8 am.


 The City announced it would be open 31 Jan and 1 Feb. It was open only the first of those days. The City announced a policy on opening Dunbar Warming Center based on the expected HIGH for the day.

 On 30 Jan a group of the homeless and homeless advocates delivered a petition, signed by 150, to the Mayor and Manager requesting earnestly that the City be more humane and sensitive to the homeless. Do you think their response has been humane and sensitive?


They are too busy being senstive at City Hall to a global garbage hauler in proposing to give it the city landfill in an unneeded sop to close its neighborhood-degrading SWLR landfill. That landfill is slated for closure soon anyway, whether the city gives the company a privatization windfall or not.