John Edwards, facing Jeff Dailey in the Democratic primary race for a Little Rock House district generally north of Cantrell Road from the Heights west, has a lot of firepower on the invitation for a fund-raiser next week, including the rising House Speaker Robbie Wills. But the real headliners are a couple of retired fellows. Maybe you remember them — Dale Bumpers and Wesley Clark.

Speaking of this House race, there’s also a Republican primary featuring Ed Linck and former Huckabee staffer Kelly Eichler. If somebody sees Eichler, ask her if it’s still her belief that campaign communications done on government time in a government office should be exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. She won’t return my call. I’m holding out hope she was just following Mike Huckabee orders, and not her own conscience, in issuing a 2006 opinion that e-mails of a Republican candidate doing illegal campaigning in the governor’s office were “gubernatorial working papers” and exempt from public disclosure.