I ventured up to the top of Cantrell hill today to the Metropolitan National Bank in the parking lot of the Tanglewood Shopping Center. For the last two or three years, it’s been my change go-to. My own bank wanted to charge me something ridiculous like 10% to turn coin to cash and those automated machines at the grocery store are usually pretty steep. MNB long did it for free. No more. Unless you’re a “member” or “friend” or whatever goofy name they call money-making customers. Cost me 5%. But, since my giant mayonnaise jar of change was about to crash through the floorboards of my bedroom, I took the hit. A new personal change record: $115.26.

My question to you, knowledgeable blog readers, is there anywhere coins turn to cash for free? That doesn’t involve hand-rolling.


ALSO. Since I was cash rich, I went by Lorenzen and Co. to say so long. The venerable bookstore is closing its doors on Saturday. As Rod L. said, “still a lot of good tomes in need of good homes.” There are some  bare spots longtime visitors will be shocked to see, but there’s still a staggering amount of quality stock, all marked down 50%.