It’s settled. The old Rialto Theater, a downtown El Dorado landmark, is haunted. People had reported strange goings-on at the ornate old building for many years — scents of perfume, strange lights and noises, footsteps, shadows. Richard Mason, who redeveloped much of the city’s downtown and is now a novelist, bought the building and hired a group called Spirit Seekers, a group of “paranormal investigators from central Arkansas” to check out the place. No doubt about it, the ghostbusters concluded, at least four souls inhabit the place. The El Dorado News Times, whose own reporters were run out of the building by haints, reports on the group’s findings.
     “According to that report, 224 minutes of video, 14 minutes of audio, 1,027 digital photos and two positive EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon, were attained during the team’s overnight visit to the Rialto.”
    One of the four confirmed ghosts is an actress, another an elderly worker in the control room who was there because he had nowhere else to go.    
    This may be important: Mason may write a book about the place.