What a night. Fires, power outages, gas leaks, interstate flooded, airplanes upside down at NLR airport. Three rescued at Gulpha Gorge, homes in Leawood and Cammack smashed by trees. Dozens of schools closed. The lower half of the state, including PulCo, is under a flood watch. Send us your photos and we’ll post them; our man is under the knife this a.m. Another 1 to 2 inches more in the forecast today. You knew all this; what else do you know?

UPDATE: Water reported in stores along Central Avenue in downtown Hot Springs.
UPDATE II: A staffer’s cousin who lives in Benton reports I-30 and I-430 are under water in some parts. Just about every pine tree in Leawood, which is a bunch of them, is down, including the one that landed in the same staffer’s parents’ living room (they were safely huddled in the basement). Getting through the neighborhood just about requires driving through somebody’s yard. Tarps and plywood will be in short supply for awhile, we’re betting.