Media Matters columnist Jamison Foser notes that the mainstream media outlets such as The New York Times and The Washington Post are speedy on the trigger to defend John McCain against what they say are “distortions” of his remarks. Especially the remark that the United States may remain in Iraq for 100 years.

These two are less speedy to point out distortions of other people’s remarks:


Distortions and unfair criticisms are nothing new in political campaigns. Somewhat more unusual is the eagerness of some news organizations to defend McCain from such distortions. McCain and his staff distort the Democratic candidates’ tax plans on a near-daily basis, and the media don’t seem to care. And The New York Times and The Washington Post weren’t so concerned about distortions of a presidential candidates’ comments when the candidate was named Al Gore — back then, rather than debunking the distortions, the Times and the Post were the ones doing the distorting.