For anyone not burned out on the internal drama of the Clinton campaign: Marc Ambinder at the Atlantic emphasizes that Mark Penn isn’t actually leaving the Clinton camp. (Though the Colombians who hired him to lobby Congress for their preferred trade policy have now canned him.) He won’t be the campaign’s chief strategist, but he’ll remain in the inner circle.

Still, Penn’s loss of title opens the way for us to hear even more from Howard Wolfson. Close followers of the campaign will know Wolfson as Clinton’s message man. He’s been named by the campaign as one of two new top strategists. Expect more pronouncements such as this: ”Let me state it categorically: This party is not going to nominate somebody who hasn’t passed the commander-in-chief test. If [Obama] can’t convince Democrats in Ohio and Texas that he can be commander in chief, he is not going to be nominee of our party.”