Out of Texas this morning via scurrilous e-mail comes what was predicted by some two months ago.

It’s an e-mail from a source of previous easily disproved lies about Hillary Clinton.


This time the Fort Worth stalwart sends along — in an e-mail with the subject line “Lest We Forget” — a cartoon showing Barack Obama with exaggerated ethnic facial features and pointing to a sign that says “The WHITE House.” The caption is, “First of all, that sign has to go.”

Beneath the cartoon is a text block containing the usual collection of lies impugning Obama’s Americanism.


There’s also something indicating one of those who forwarded the racist cartoon has ties to one of the Confederacy hangers-on groups that seek to cloak their racism in weepy affection for the old Confederacy.

Someone predicted two months ago that sooner or later the GOP behind-the-scenes manipulators would hire an ad agency to disseminate posters showing Obama with a caption saying, “Remember, he’s a n * * * * *.”


Happened sooner than expected.

UPDATE: And here’s a report of another email, this one floating around Arkansas, complete with an ‘I am not a prejudice person’ disclaimer. Depressing stuff.