Want to see Wal-Mart managers in drag? Hillary Clinton being described by Sam Walton as “one of us”? You can see all that and more now that Flagler Productions, which for 30 years filmed Wal-Mart annual meetings and some unguarded moments, has posted the footage on youtube.com. The Wall Street Journal says the move by Flagler, whose services were terminated by Wal-Mart a couple of years ago, has left the planet’s biggest retailer “squirming.”

“In recent months, Flagler has opened its trove of some 15,000 Wal-Mart tapes to the outside world, with an eye toward selling clips. The material is proving irresistible to everyone from business historians and documentary filmmakers to plaintiffs lawyers and union organizersAmong the revealing moments: A former executive vice president and board member challenges store managers in 2004 to continue his work opposing unionization. Male managers in drag lead thousands of co-workers in the company’s corporate cheer. In another meeting, managers mock foolish or dangerous use of a product sold in its stores. In 1991, founder Sam Walton describes Hillary Clinton, then a Wal-Mart director, as ‘one of us.’ “