Leading up his big announcement in 5 days, 16 hours and 8 minutes, the Huckster will share his favorite fart jokes with Tommy Smith and David Bazzel tomorrow on “The Show with No Name” on KABZ 103.7 FM “The Buzz.” Sometime between 7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m. At least that’s my guess of what they’ll talk about.

Tender your guesses below. Not just on how ribald Tommy can take things with the former Bro. Guv, but more interestingly (or not), what this big announcement is all about.


Maybe tomorrow we’ll post odds.

Short on “meet your new talk show host,” long on “there’s more than one man who’s pregnant.”


Unless Max has a long layover, cosider this an open line.

UPDATE: MSNBC notes that the rollout of a new website coincides with tax filing day, but it also notes he has a big God-and-politics speech scheduled that day as well. Dusting off the Falwell crown, perhaps?


And Politico adds:

Mike Huckabee will hold a conference call with supporters tomorrow night to discuss his plans for a new political entity and to assure them that he plans to keep an active presence in this campaign and in future cycles, according to an aide.  

He’ll be joined on the call by Steve Strang, a Christian publisher and Huckabee backer whose magazine, “Charisma,” just ran a very flattering cover piece on the former candidate that touts his future prospects.

“You will hear insider information about Huckabee’s scrappy campaign that surprised the nation and stunned Republican Party elites,” promises Strang in an email to Huckabee backers.  “The ‘preacher who dared to be president’ will also discuss his plans for the future and reflect on the changing state of the conservative movement.”


Huckabee won’t formally launch his new political organization until next week — think tax day, April 15th — but he’ll use the call to begin to develop what his supporters hope ultimately becomes a high-profile role in Christian conservative politics that will enable him to run again for president.

In addition to emailing supporters, Huckabee has also had Strang post an advertisment about the call on his magazine’s website.