I’m on a Mike Huckabee conference call that’s been billed as a ‘landmark’ event. “You will be truly blessed,” said a separate email advertising the call. What sez Huckabee in real time? “The U.S. is the only country I know of on earth where we don’t secure our borders.” Also, “Our oil dollars pay for, essentially, terrorism.”



Yeah, so not much news in this call, just a repetition of campaign themes. Gov. Huckabee did articulate a point of political philosophy I haven’t heard him mention before: According to him, the need for government is directly correlated to the level of wrongdoing or unethical behavior in society. Therefore, we need social policy that strengthens the family. Also (this one’s not new) pimps and druggies will really be hit hard by the FairTax.

Against my better judgment, I’ll stay on this call for a bit. I’ll let you know if he raises the curtain on those plans we’ve been waiting to hear about. Otherwise, keep watching the ticking clock.


UPDATE: Gov. Huckabee says he will be ‘working on a book.’ What a tease!