I’m tempted to reprise my earlier call for favorite hymns. I think I need the uplift after sleeping most of the day and doing taxes the rest.

You didn’t ask, but one of the highlights of my Asian trip was hitting the walking track on my cruise boat in the South China Sea early one morning, with the London Philharmonic album of “Greatest Hymns” on my iPod. “A Mighty Fortress” remains a mighty good wakeup call.


Special for Munford: My boat included a huge delegation of Texas Aggies. It was apparently an A&M-sponsored tour, led by a foxy gal from the development office. Each of the 29 wore Aggie name tags, affixed to Aggie neckbands, and each placed on “Aggie on Board” sign on their cruise ship stateroom door. It was all I could do not to yell “Hullaballoo Canick Canick” each time one of the aging hydraulic engineers walked by. There was a trivia contest every afternoon aboard ship. A regular question was the name given to a group of a certain form of plural animal life — a pride of lions, a pod of whales, an exaltation of larks, etc. Some of our trivia team members gathered for a final-night dinner on the boat and each of us brought our own trivia question to the table. Mine: The plural for a gathering of Aggies. Munford, I know you know the answer. Anybody else?

Call this silver taps for me.


And an open line.