Today’s the day Mike Huckabee will unveil a new Political Action Committee, ostensibly to support other conservative candidates. The last time he did that, he used the money almost exclusively to develop his presidential campaign. That will be the question to watch on the new PAC. Which family members are on the payroll and for how much?

UPDATE: His Huck PAC website is live. It touts Ark. Sen. Gilbert Baker, in a tough re-election fight this year.


And here’s a report from a speech he delivered yesterday in New York state.

On his first visit to the Electric City, Huckabee described his utopian state — he called it “Hucktown” — where people are hardworking, educated and respect each others’ rights. They “self-govern,” following what Huckabee presented as “natural laws” obvious to all people.


“When people self-govern in Hucktown, they don’t need any policemen, jail beds, social service counselors and public works people to clean up after all the litter that they don’t make,” he said. “When people don’t respect themselves and each other, and the world in which they live, government gets very expensive.”