The Forrest City Times Herald reports that Tennessee has passed a law that warms the hearts of east Arkansas law-enforcement officers. It makes it harder for copper and scrap-metal thieves to sell their plunder in Tennessee. Copper theft is an epidemic and not just in east Arkansas.

It is illegal now for a scrap-metal dealer in Tennessee to buy metal marked with the initials of a utility, government agency or business, bridge guard rails, road signs or water-meter covers, and they can’t pay cash to anyone who tries to sell an air-conditioner evaporator coil or condenser.


Sheriff Bobby May of St. Francis County: “The change in Tennessee law will really help us here because one of the major problems that we’re facing is people stealing metal over here and taking it across the bridge to sell it in scrap yards over there. This will now require those dealers to keep records of who is selling what and give us names and addresses. Now we need to get a law similar to that passed here in Arkansas so that we have requirements like those for scrap yards in this state.”