You could just about figure which legislators would favor requiring Arkansas voters to have a photo I.D. to vote, though there’s no evidence anywhere in the country that the degree of voter fraud warrants the law or that voter IDs would deal with the fraud that does occur. Absentee ballots are the biggest problem area, but even that is relatively small potatoes. See Souter’s minority opinion in the recent U.S. Supreme Court case.

The evidence is persuasive that this rule will unduly burden poor and minority voters, but, hey, when you’re a wealthy WLR Republican or come from Fortress Yellow Dog Republican in Benton County Northwest Arkansas, you don’t care much about the poor or minorities. Fortunately, these pups have little sway on the legislature.


If they really cared about good government, these tough talkers would push for meaningful ethics reform. But they are far too chicken for that.  They’d rather demagogue a non-existent problem.