From D-G coverage of a Republican state representative primary in Fort Smith.

The words are those of Brandom Woodrome, who faces Stephanie Malone to win the nomination to succeed term-limited Rep. Jim Medley.


Woodrome (who we reported earlier faces an ethics complaint for accepting an excessive campaign contribution) said in an interview that he favored asking Hispanics for citizenship documents.

“If you run across a Hispanic, then just ask them, are you an illegal immigrant ? Can I see your papers ? Can I see your license ? That’s not — I’m sure if I was in a presidential race, I’d be touted as a racist, fascist whatever,” he said.

Modest proposal, don’t you think? Gov. Bill Richardson and Jennifer Lopez, show us your papers!


Given a chance to soften these words, Woodrome said maybe cops should ask everyone they stop to prove they are legal citizens. A forehead tatto would save time, don’t you think?

Woodrome’s opponent Malone said the remarks seemed “kind of radical.”