Far from the civilizing influences: Jonesboro Sun readers got a change of pace today from the usual sober accounts of quorum court and school board business.

JONESBORO VICE: Jonesboro cop fired for canoodling with a woman, not his wife, in a car on a mall parking lot while, er, in uniform. Not a first offense, apparently.


REALITY TV: The Sun today also reports on a domestic fracas involving Diana Davis, 43, long-time news anchor on KAIT. The newspaper hasn’t put the story on its website. A reader has sent a scan of it. I’ll try to see if it’ll work here. (also now on the jump). The nub of it: Her husband, Mitchell Wright, 42, filed a third-degree misdemeanor domestic battery charge against her Tuesday for allegedly hitting him and breaking his nose. (Wright is widower of a teacher killed in the Westside school shootings.) Davis Wright accused him of filing a false police report. They apparently had words over discipline she administered to their children in a restaurant on Sunday. Here’s her bio.