After a long out-of-town trip I’m just getting caught up on reading the ArkTimes issues I missed. I was especially taken by Bob Lancaster’s recent autopsy on the “debate” moderated by those two ABC chipmunks, Gibson and Stephanop-o-whatever.

Lancaster’s giving the whole charade what Juno calls “the stink-eye” prompts me to hope fervently that McCain and whoever winds up the Demo choice tell the media ferrets to kiss their asses when the drumbeat begins for a “series of televised debates.”


The public is sick and tired of these “debates.” The only time interest is piqued is when one or the other of the “debaters” screws up and does something as stupid and morally repugnant as raising his hand when one of the chipmunks asks whether anyone believes evolution to be voodoo.

No one gains anything from televised debates except the media mole rats who sell commercials to run between rounds while the girl in the bikini holds up a card with a number on it and the “debaters'” handlers smear their faces with alum and use those round-bottomed steel things to try to mash the swelling out from under their eyes.


No more debates. Let’s just vote. We know what John McCain threatens to do if he’s elected. I don’t need no stinkin’ “debates” to further convince me that he’s a madman.