Brummett considers again the issue of Democrats helping Republican legislators get elected. Conclusions: Gwatney was right to remonstrate. Serious discipline is probably pointless and counter-productive. Counsel: Just say no to fund-raising for the opposition party.

This reminds me. I’ve just listened to a tape of a radio debate to be aired Monday afternoon on a Batesville station between Sen. President Pro Tem Jack Critcher, one of the Republican enablers, and James McLean, who is running for a House seat in Batesville. No, Critcher isn’t running. His wife Vickie is, however, in hopes of continuing the otherwise term-limited Critcher family’s pipeline to fat legislative expense reimbursements. (If she wins, wonder if Jack will land a legislative helpmate job as Vickie did?)  The Critchers have been running as a team, with ads full of “we this” and “we that.” Naturally, McLean has used this to run against the Critchers as a team, citing Critcher’s record, including his fraternization with the enemy. This, the distaff Critcher complained, was a “personal attack.” Before you knew it, debate challenges were issued. And who should show up to challenge McLean? Not the actual candidate, but her hubby. A lengthy taped debate ensued in which, among others, Critcher stoutly defended his hefty expense account and his help for Sen. Gilbert Baker, who was Republican chair when the state Republican Party set up an attack PAC to go after sitting Democratic legislators. I have this link to the tape, but WARNING. I’d be wary. It takes you to a site for downloading of giant files (use the free option) and the file itself is a whopper, 52 megs. You have been warned. Perhaps best to wait until the 6 p.m. show on Sky 99.5