John Brummett has written pleasantly today about the coming of football at Hendrix College, a subject of great controversy here when it was unveiled last week. So no one will accuse me of copycatting, I’d like to serve notice that I’ve already written a column for this week’s print edition on the same subject, from the viewpoint of someone who took part in sports at a small Division III (no scholarships) college like Hendrix. I am not appalled about Hendrix football either, though small colleges can damage their mission with an unhealthy zeal for athletics as easily as the big schools, if not with multi-million-dollar coaches. Caution is urged.

Speaking of rich football coaches: What is the UA laying out for Bobby Petrino to coach the Hogs — almost $3 million year? What the heck is he doing turning up in a lineup for a paid gig as a participant in one of those Zig Ziglar whoopups in Little Rock this summer? (Ad for the event was in today’s D-G.) Does Petrino really need to moonlight?