Stephens Media today notes that a candidate for circuit judge in Little Rock, Cathi Compton, once testified at the legislature in favor of a law to permit medical use of marijuana. We’d forgotten that, but good for her. (She recalled once defending a couple who’d brewed marijuana tea to ease the suffering of a child with stomach cancer and even the prosecutor urged leniency for the criminal parents.) It’s another reason to be glad the Times endorses her this week.

Did an opponent seed this story? No matter. It’s on the record. But reaching out to Phyllis Schlafly for critical commentary seems a bit of a stretch for relevance in an Arkansas judicial race. Lest you think Schlafly or Randy Minton equate with mainstream thought in Arkansas, check any poll that’s been done on the subject. A wide majority in Arkansas (and nationally) support legalization of marijuana for medicinal use (66 percent the last time the Arkansas Poll tested the question). It’s about  compassion and pain-relief, not recreation.