A letter to the editor in today’s NY Times, from a batch about U.S. road trips:

I disagree with Michael Paterniti’s bid of “good riddance” to the American road trip.


As a result of my wife’s recent surgery, this winter we elected to drive, instead of fly, from our home outside Philadelphia to our condo in Phoenix.

Not only were we spared the high cost, stress, hassle and risks (for example, lost luggage or missed, delayed or canceled flights) of air travel, but we also discovered sights we never would have found otherwise.


We had the joy of visiting the Presidential Library in Little Rock (who outside of Arkansas knew Little Rock was so beautiful?), the breathtaking caves at Carlsbad, N.M., impromptu antiquing in Tennessee and the joy of reading “Harry Potter” out loud.

The Interstates were surprisingly clean, offered convenient rest stops and, more often than not, provided scenic vistas and beautiful landscapes.


I say: “Rediscover America. Take a road trip!”

Bob Griffin
Perkasie, Pa.

The part about convenient interstate rest stops? In Arkansas, not so much.