It’s an old saw — put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig. But the McCain campaign jackboots have apparently ruled its use off-limits in the age of Palin. A tip of the hat to Mike Huckabee, who speaks common sense on Obama’s employment of the phrase, clearly not in a context aimed at Palin. (Though if the comparison to what she offers voters is metaphorically apt — lipstick smeared on an unqualified pork barreler, however physically attractive you might find her — well so be it.) Talk about whiners.

It occurs to me that “pig in a poke” is another apt saying for a candidate who takes no questions, won’t meet the press and otherwise mostly regurgitates dishonest scripted talking points. The difference between pig in a poke and Sarah Palin?


UPDATE: Here’s the transcript that includes Huckabee’s remark. Even more kudos for Huck. Sean Hannity was trying to bait him into joining the Faux News line that the Dems are being sexist pigs to Sister Sarah. Huck does agree that Obama has “lowered” himself by criticizing Palin. Only Republicans are allowed to go negative. What swine.