Politico.com has a useful article about how the Sarah Palin “phenomenon” has been so successful that it caught even the McCain team by surprise. To capitalize, McCain is frantically adding staff members to help Palin pursue the new strategy of attack, attack, attack and accuse anybody who answers back of sexism.

Just so happens the two right-wing candidates who assure everyone they are serving notice on the Washington establishment that they are coming up in there to take names and kick ass are larding the expanded staff with Bush/Cheney rottweilers from the same kennel that brought us the last eight years of bad government:


This new team of aides and advisers brings years of experience in Republican politics, and includes many who worked for President Bush in the White House and on his two campaigns. They will bring a similarly aggressive mindset as campaign chief Steve Schmidt, also a veteran of the disciplined Bush-Cheney effort. In this, they’ll move to get off defense, a position Palin has been in since her unexpected announcement, and try to keep her on the offensive, using her to launch ever-more sharp attacks against Barack Obama and Biden—attacks that will present the challenge of responding without being labeled sexist.”