… I’m feeling the same feeling Brummett expresses this morning:

Barack Obama has turned into Michael Dukakis, John Kerry and Al Gore. Sarah Palin has turned into Ronald Reagan.


Thus the electoral map looks fairly typically red where it counts and blue where it doesn’t.

Ohio and Florida show up red, which, unless Colorado and Nevada and New Mexico flip en masse from red to blue and are bigger than I think, pretty much means the old ball game.


Democrats win the cities. John McCain and the moose-hunter take all that space in between.

For all the talk of newness and history-making, we’ve seen this presidential race before.


Democrats are burdened with a mealy-mouthed, message-conflicted, reactive, apologizing, conflict-averse nominee. He goes into a prevent defense on Labor Day, at which point the Republicans commence traipsing up and down the field hitting wide-open receivers.

For their part, Republicans suddenly are all fired up again about those supposedly outsider and right-wing reforms they incessantly talk about but never actually get done, such as fiscal responsibility and an end to abortion and the deployment of military that makes quick work of any and all adversaries.

On the other hand, Gail Collins of NY Times thinks this gloom-and-doom is overwrought. (I haven’t been too impressed with her judgment heretofore, however.)

And, to jumpstart the daily Palin discussion: Her latest whopper, on her record vis a vis a pipeline. She tell the truth about anything?


UPDATE I: Here’s the amazing story about how the city led by compassionate, feminist Mayor Sarah Palin made  rape victims pay for investigative kits after assaults.