As we slide into the Thanksgiving holiday, I thought it was time for a quick survey on important food topics.

Has the Sarah Palin turkey snuff film (above) put you off your normal feed for the holiday?


Dressing or stuffing?

Mashed potatoes or not?


Best pie?

Go here to participate in the official Ark. Times Thanksgiving Survey. I’ll update results on the big day.


UPDATE: Go to this link for the running results summary. About 155 votes so far. I’m surprised about the prevalence of mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving tables. Don’t get me wrong. I loved mashed spuds swimming in butter. But not on Thanksgiving along with stuffing (yes I’m in that tiny nomenclature minority), and gravy and marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes and rolls and green beans and waldorf salad and cranberry sauce and relish tray and turkey and two kinds of pie and all of the above beverages.